School of Public Administration, University of Central Florida

PAD 5930 Global Cities (mixed-mode)

Today's global cities are constantly evolving as a result of being connected to a dynamic economic network. The course seeks to understand the interdependencies that define living conditions for residents in the world's interconnected global cities. Monetary, material, energy, vehicle and information flows continuously transform the city's built environment, livability, employment opportunities, and cultural practices.

PAD 6035 Public Administration in the Policy Process (online and face-to-face)

This course examines the role of the public administrator in the analysis, formulation, implementation, and evaluation of public policy, especially at the state and local levels. 

PAD 6307 Public Policy Analysis and Management (new development; online)

This course provides the conceptual foundations, practical approaches, and analytical techniques for public policy analysis and management. It discusses what policy analysis is and what role policy analysts play in the policymaking process. Students will learn the rationales for and limitations of public policy, an array of generic policy solutions, and the tools and techniques used to craft and assess policy alternatives. Finally, the political context of policy analysis and the steps and actors involved in the policy process will be discussed.

PAD 6700 Research Methods for Public Administration (online and mixed-mode)

This course provides a foundation in the theory and practice of applied research methodology in public policy and administration. These methods are used in program evaluation, monitoring social programs, performance evaluation, and assessing the effectiveness and efficiency of their impacts. The evidence-based policy and public management aim to improve government effectiveness by developing and utilizing a rigorous base of information and scientific evidence to guide decisions about program design, funding, implementation, evaluation, and management. 

PAD 6327 Public Program Evaluation (online)

This course focuses on the basic concepts and issues of conducting an evaluation. The course will introduce students to a variety of research designs and related methodological tools useful for evaluating the impact of public and nonprofit programs. Students will learn methods of collecting, analyzing, interpreting, and communicating information used in evaluation reports. Students will also learn how to be critical and effective users of evaluations. 

PAD 6335 Strategic Planning and Management (face-to-face)

An examination and analysis of planning, goal setting, and strategic management in public sector organizations. The primary goals of this course are for students to develop an understanding of strategic planning and management, to know the ethical implications of the process, and to be able to apply the process by developing a strategic plan for an organization.

Andrew Young School of Policy Studies, Georgia State University 

PMAP 4451 Economic Development Policy (face-to-face)

This course provides a broad overview of theories and models of urban growth, as well as the strategies and principles of economic development. It will provide a contextual understanding of the economic, social, demographic, and political forces that shape the development and community life of urban areas, as well as the agents involved and the planning process. Students will understand the challenges of developing regions, cities, and communities that are economically dynamic, socially equitable and environmentally sustainable. Students will be exposed to both long-standing debates and recent developments in economic development practice and theory. Students will also be acquainted with the resources and techniques instrumental in the analysis of economic development policies and programs. 

PMAP 4041 Policy Data Analysis (face-to-face)

This course aims to teach students practical quantitative skills for summarizing, describing, and analyzing the types of data that enable policymakers to make better decisions.